Teaching techniques should be changed

In our world today I feel as if school is trying to teach kids the wrong things, things that won’t benefit us in our future. Like how to write a check or how to pay taxes, things that most people come out of high school with out a single clue of how to do it.

Schools today focus too much on the things that will only maybe increase their knowledge when it should really be to focus on how to survive as an adult. …

You know I live a crazy life, i like to go on adventures and explore. I just simply love to have fun and I know how to do it the right way. So when you are bored, read this, you could get some ideas.

First I always start the day by getting my grub on, so I text the homies “I’m tryna get my grub on what’s the move?” and they never fail to respond, so we meet up and get some food. This recent Saturday we decided on ihop, and man that was tasty.

Next we got a little…

In my future, like everyone, I would like to be very wealthy. Which of course is no easy task but once I achieve this goal i’d love to build a house that i have always dreamed of. Recently I’ve become very into watching multi million dollar real estate YouTube channels like Architectural Digest where they go inside houses in the hills and other places and go in depth of what the house contains. Sometimes I use these videos as motivation for my future house, but lets get started.

First i’d love my house to look something like this image, a…

1 being best

Me and My friend one day were curious to know who truly has the best fries in a City Center near us, with wide varieties we had Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries, Freddy’s skinny fries, Culvers wavy fries, and Mcdonald’s classic fries. We decided to go to each restaurant and try out each of the fast foods fries. And our results were…

3. Freddy’s

Freddy’s fries were mediocre, now why we put it on the 3rd spot? mainly because of how skinny the fries were and how the ratio from crunch to chew was just off every bite. …

Video games are crazy popular and everyone around the world plays them no matter the age. Most of the players now are older and use gaming as their source of income mainly because its easy and very great pay. Whether its streaming or Youtube videos both make you lots of money, now it does take some time to become popular but once you have it is up from there.

This image above is a picture of the well known gamer Ninja or Tyler, everyone knows him as one of the greatest Fortnite players to play the game or just a…

3 last, 1 best

Every man wants to smell good so they buy cologne (or deodorant), i mean when was the last time someone said “i want to smell bad when i go on this date.” But many people struggle on their selections and i always cringe because of it. …

Fishing is great and we all know it, many people are trying fishing one by one to join the family but not everyone is very educated in what to do, so here are some more fishing tips to help you catch more fish.

  1. Where to cast
    When fishing its not just cast wherever and hope you get a fish, its actually a very strategic hobby. You must learn the fish and after awhile of fishing you will. Great spots to start are shady areas on a hot day, in the shade the water will be nice and cool so all the…

Fishing, a great way to escape from the world and have some alone time. Or maybe a time to go out with friends and crack open a cold one with the boys. Either way its one of the most fun activities you could do in your free time. But not everyone is successful so I am here to help you improve your dangle game.

  1. Learn your lures

Lures are one of the most reliable and simple baits you can use to catch fish, but there are many different features to each one. For instance top water lures will stay on…

Oceans…They make up about 70% of earth but we have only explored 5% of their secrets. There are many unexplained events involving the ocean, like ships disappearing, random undiscovered animals coming from the depths out of no where, and the Bermuda triangle. With only 5% discovered, there are lots of things we don’t know about.

Northern White Rhino

In todays world, we are currently losing animal species at a rate 1,000 times greater then any other time recorded in human history, where 1 million species face extinction according to ScienceDaily.

The cause of all this is no one but ourselves, humans. Currently we are the Alphas of this planet with over 7 billion living on earth. But all 7 billion don’t know how to keep this world safe for other organisms.

Christopher Jennerwein

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