My dream house

Christopher Jennerwein
3 min readMar 8, 2021


In my future, like everyone, I would like to be very wealthy. Which of course is no easy task but once I achieve this goal i’d love to build a house that i have always dreamed of. Recently I’ve become very into watching multi million dollar real estate YouTube channels like Architectural Digest where they go inside houses in the hills and other places and go in depth of what the house contains. Sometimes I use these videos as motivation for my future house, but lets get started.

First i’d love my house to look something like this image, a stone and wood exterior of some sort to give off a shack and not so modern house type of vibe, i really like this type of house because it gives off a cozy vibe where if you look at it you just want to go inside and sleep which i would definitely do.

Now next although it doesn’t really match the exterior something about an all black interior is just so nice to me, it gives off a very business man vibe, kind of shows you don’t mess around. Also it isn’t an overwhelming experience of colors, to some it might be little bland but to me its perfect.

Then maybe you can add some black marble bathrooms or white furniture and it will seal the deal for me.

Next obviously the garage filled with my dream cars, the garage would like this image but it would be bigger. In this garage I would have my 2021 Ram TRX all black, 2020 Shelby Super Snake, most likely a rhino grey Jeep, then for the luxury half of my garage a BMW m8 gran coupe. Then later on i would add more cars that really stand out to me. In the garage I would also have a work bench for building anything my heart desires.

Finally, a movie theatre just for myself filled with popcorn and candy, that way I can watch all the movies in the world. Here I would have surround sound and super comfy chairs that way I can also just sleep in there.