The top 3 male fragrances for under $100

Christopher Jennerwein
2 min readFeb 18, 2021


3 last, 1 best

Every man wants to smell good so they buy cologne (or deodorant), i mean when was the last time someone said “i want to smell bad when i go on this date.” But many people struggle on their selections and i always cringe because of it. I am a fragrance fanatic and I love to spend money on all types of colognes, I have a very wide collection of different products and smells of fragrances, so I’m here to guide you in the right way when it comes to fragrances for under $100 that have the best smell, duration, and compliments.

3. Sauvage Dior $95–3.2 oz

Sauvage Dior is definitely a personal favorite of mine, it is usually my first choice when I’m in a rush because this cologne is so versatile and can fit almost any scene or temperature. This cologne is more on the winter side because if its bold oaky scent. This scent has been everywhere since its debut in 2015 and it surely has its reasons.

2. Blue De Chanel $90.00–1.7 fl oz

Blue De Chanel is a painfully popular scent that is loved by girlfriends and wives all around. This cologne is a fresh, clean and also versatile fragrance that can be used practically anywhere. This is a very reliable cologne that will last for hours and sometimes a day. A great fragrance loved by everyone that anyone can wear due to its sexy scent, might even get you a girlfriend.

  1. L’Homme by Saint Laurent $92.00–3.3 fl oz

The absolute number 1 fragrance I and everyone else loves is the L’Homme by Saint Laurent, it always my top cologne I always go to for anything, although it is more of a fall fragrance I tend to wear it yearly and always get compliments from its great woody floral musk, like Blue De Chanel this is loved by all women and always gives a great scent for a dinner/office day vibe.