Teaching techniques should be changed

In our world today I feel as if school is trying to teach kids the wrong things, things that won’t benefit us in our future. Like how to write a check or how to pay taxes, things that most people come out of high school with out a single clue of how to do it.

Schools today focus too much on the things that will only maybe increase their knowledge when it should really be to focus on how to survive as an adult. Yes the things taught now are useful but there isn’t enough teaching on how to live as an adult.

I watched a YouTube video recently about how classrooms today compared to 50 years ago haven’t changed one bit, and really they haven’t. it is the same enclosed brick room with assigned seating that you get homework shoved down your throat and i think this is why most kid are failing school today. They have nothing to look forward to at school and the classes just give off bad vibes and the homework causes you stress.

The main problem is with all this teaching, maybe a year later absolutely no one will remember what they have just been taught, i mean teacher have students learning a whole unit for one month homework every night but by the next unit, they have already forgotten. The way education is today is just throw information at students and cram them with different homeworks and projects that they will use only a few times in their life. I just think school should be fun and be more focused on ways to be successful in your future rather than what it is today.



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